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VirtualPrex is a mechanism whereby pre-service teachers can gain skills, confidence and techniques to support their real life professional experience prior to practicum by the use of virtual worlds.
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Suggested assessment activities using machinima

3.    Students to develop rubric against the AITSL standards

Instructions for teacher educators
The VirtualPREX website ( contains example machinima that can be used for learning and assessment activities. When using machinima for assessment tasks the teacher educator can list the types of scenarios that are relevant for particular learning outcomes. For example, the pre-service teacher might be asked to look for examples of particular strategies that the teacher has used to engage students in the acquisition of knowledge and skills in a particular discipline; they may be asked to reflect on what were effective practices observed in the machinima or what appeared to be ineffective in engaging students and propose alternative strategies and practices. Observing machinima can be coupled with analysis and critique where the pre-service teacher can concentrate on aspects of behaviour management, examples of particular engagement strategies, communication skills (verbal, non-verbal, special awareness), how teachers might motivate students to stay on task.

Pre-service can be asked to analyse the machinima against the standards contained in the National Professional Standards for Teachers ( Using the standards, pre-service teachers can annotate the machinima or fill in a table identifying key activities or episodes that demonstrate evidence of meeting the standard. The pre-service teacher can also identify where the standards appear not to have been met.

Instructions for pre-service teachers
1. Using the machinima [insert machinima title and link], identify instances where the teacher demonstrated evidence of meeting [insert standard identifier] of the National Professional Standards for Teachers.
2. Using the machinima [insert machinima title and link], identify instances where the teacher did not demonstrate evidence of meeting [insert standard identifier] the National Professional Standards for Teachers. Propose how the standard could have been evidenced for this situation.

Key components for this activity:
1.    View machinima first without taking any notes.
2.    View machinima again, this time taking notes for selected instances of evidence for the aspects outlined in the rubric.
3.    Provide an overall reflection on the approach adopted by the teacher to meeting [insert standard identifier] of the National Professional Standards for Teachers.
4.    Your educator will provide feedback on your annotations and reflections.

Rubric for identifying activities that evidenced the AITSL National Professional Standards for Teachers in the chosen machinima:

of teaching
Observation of machinima
Professional Knowledge PK1. Know students and how they learn

PK2. Know the content and how to teach it 

Professional Practice PP1. Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

PP2. Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

PP3. Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

Professional Engagement PE1. Engage in professional learning 

PE2. Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/ carers and the community


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