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VirtualPrex is a mechanism whereby pre-service teachers can gain skills, confidence and techniques to support their real life professional experience prior to practicum by the use of virtual worlds.
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VirtualPREX Machinima - (inworld video)
Role-play in the classroom VirtualPREX
Role-play virtual professional experience in the virtual world of Second Life (see below).

View a short demo machinima of Role-Play in Second Life - teaching a lesson
View exemplar scripts for the role-plays and machinima
Assessment activities using machinima

Role-play sessions were undertaken in Second Life to provide pre-service teachers with another avenue to practice their teaching skills prior to live classroom professional experience. Pre-service teachers were able to take on the role of either a teacher or primary school student. Two types of sessions were conducted with pre-service teachers - in a computer laboratory or at their own computer. The computer laboratories used text only, whereas the role-plays conducted by pre-service teachers scattered world-wide used audio for teacher roles.
View images of workshops.

Pre-service teachers were provided with the following instructions:
  • Teacher - present a seven (7) minute teaching episode or idea on teaching focusing on your preferred KLA (Key Learning Area). This task was provided to pre-service teachers four weeks prior to the role-play.
  • Primary School Student - received roles to play as either a "on task" or "off task" student. In other words, they were on task - doing what the teacher requested, or off task - not doing what the teacher requested (this could be in a variety of formats). They received their roles at the beginning of the role-play session. There were also passive and active roles.
Below are machinima of role-plays that were undertaken in Second Life using audio for teachers and text for students. These were conducted in the particpants' homes/offices from around the world.


Below are machinima of role-plays that were undertaken in Second Life using text only. These were conducted in computer laboratories where audio was not an option (2011 and 2012). 

Maths lessonsEnglish lessons

HSIE lessonsScience lessons

Music/Art/Drama lessonsGeneral lessons
*Stage 2 (2012)
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