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VirtualPrex is a mechanism whereby pre-service teachers can gain skills, confidence and techniques to support their real life professional experience prior to practicum by the use of virtual worlds.
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VirtualPREX Role-Plays

Role-play Personality Type

On Task

Off Task

You are a student who remains on-task and you are involved in your learning. You participate in discussions when requested by the teacher and complete tasks according to the teacher's instructions.  You will volunteer answers to questions raised, but in a cooperative manner by raising your hand.

You tend to get up and walk around the class a lot. You like to stop and talk to other students. When you talk to them address them by their name so that you "attempt" to interrupt them. (This role is to be undertaken only 20% of the time)

You behave cooperatively, remaining on-task as a learner and completing everything that you are requested to do by the teacher. You respond when asked a question directly, but otherwise tend to remain silent rather than offering responses.

You like to "tell on" your peers all the time. Continuously interrupt by stating that "XX did this". Every now and then, put up your hand to tell the teacher. If the teacher doesn't respond, shout out. (This role is to be undertaken only 20% of the time)

Teacher Role

You arrive in the classroom and introduce yourself. You welcome the class. You introduce the topic of your teaching episode or idea on teaching. You state what level the lesson is aimed at (ie Year level, Age level or Stage). When the bell goes, please state, "lesson over, please return to your seats in preparation for the next lesson". (AT ALL TIMES THE TEACHER SHOULD TALK IN UPPERCASE)

You don't wait for the teacher to ask you for an answer. You talk out of turn. You ask or answer questions without putting your hand up. You sometimes call out. (This role is to be undertaken only 20% of the time)

You frequently answer back when the teacher talks to you. You are particularly rude to the teacher (although you do not swear). If a teacher asks you to do something, ask "Why?" Give sly remarks. (This role is to be undertaken only 20% of the time)

You display enthusiasm and willingness to assist the teacher and do what is required. however, this enthusiasm can take you off-task as you spend time trying to gain the teacher's attention. Not too often, but a couple of times in the session. The rest of the time you get on and do your work. (This role is to be undertaken only 20% of the time)

You are a knowledgeable student and like to "show off". Whenever the teacher asks a question, you should raise your hand to answer the question. You can use the "raise arm" gesture on the Sloodle HUD and if you don't get a response, then choose the "waving arm". You should write a comment to attract the teacher's attention. (This role is to be undertaken only 20% of the time)

You are a cooperative student who tries to remain on task. However, you frequently do not understand the lesson and can move off-task, interrupting the flow of the lesson, by occasionally asking questions or use the "Huh" gesture on the Sloodle HUD. (This role is to be undertaken only 20% of the time)

You are withdrawn. You won't say anything or do anything. In fact, you don't do anything for the whole session unless your teacher persuades you.

You stayed up too late last night. In fact, you always tend to stay up too late. You keep falling asleep. Type "afk" in local chat (press enter) and you will fall asleep. To wake up, move your mouse and click on something. (This role is to be undertaken only 20% of the time)

You have other things on your mind. You keep looking out the window and being distracted. You interrupt this behaviour with occasionally doing as the teacher asks. Turn your cursor to look out the window and your avatar will do this. (This role is to be undertaken only 20% of the time)

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