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 Innovative assessment using a 3D virtual world with pre-service teachers

VirtualPrex is a mechanism whereby pre-service teachers can gain skills, confidence and techniques to support their real life professional experience prior to practicum by the use of virtual worlds.
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What is VirtualPREX? A 3D virtual world for pre-service teachers to practise professional experience (also referred to as practicum or workplace learning)
PREX = Professional Experience

View the YouTube video for more information and an overview of the VirtualPREX project

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Support for this project has been provided by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council Ltd, an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. The views expressed in this website do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.

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What are the benefits? Through VirtualPREX pre-service teachers can:
  • Practise teaching skills prior to practicum placements 
  • Use the space synchronously or asynchronously, by themselves or interacting with peers, academics and/or ‘bots 
  • Machinima, for self, peer, formative and summative assessment 
  • Practise teaching skills with the ‘bots programmed to react to certain triggers 
  • Experience a range of scenarios in a risk-free environment 
  • Assessable tasks, using ‘bots to teach, peers to role-play teaching and/or machinima to reflect, assess and provide feedback
Who will use it? All educators of pre-service and post graduate students
How did it come about? ALTC Priority Grant - $220,000
Project Team Sue Gregory (University of New England - UNE) – Project Lead
Dr Yvonne Masters (University of New England - UNE)
Associate Professor Barney Dalgarno (Charles Sturt University - CSU)
Professor Geoff Crisp (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - RMIT)
Professor Heinz Dreher (Curtin University - CU)
Dr Torsten Reiners (Curtin University - CU)
Vicki Knox (University of New England - UNE)
Matthew Campbell (Australian Catholic University - ACU - 2011 only)